Say hello to

First-Screen Media

The best way to connect with your customer is to say hello! at the front door.

CellBoard is designed to bring everyone together – Telcos, Content Creators (Brands, Publishers, Advertisers), and of course – Consumers.

Here’s HOW it Works

  1. Consumers download the App and personalize their profile.
  2. Using first party data, dayparting, and geo-targeting, tailored content and ads-of-interest are delivered to the phone’s First-Screen to engage Consumers at first touch.
  3. In exchange, Consumers receive discounted phone plans, data, or rewards.
  4. Our simple, intuitive 4-swipe navigation ensures the First-Screen experience is smooth, engaging, and frictionless.

Here’s WHY it Works

  1. Consumers have opted-in, partnering in the exchange of information for rewards and tailored content.
  2. To crush ‘banner blindness,’ CellBoard’s first-screen-first-impression delivers higher impression, engagement, and conversion.
  3. CellBoard’s Intel System (AI) delivers tailored, personalized content with precision –what, where, when.

And, here’s the REAL why.

  1. We like deals, discounts, and data. It’s that simple.
  2. We like to be in control of the things we own – our privacy, or personal information, and our phones.
  3. When we view ads, they better be tailored to our desires & dreams. That makes us feel special, exclusive, and human, which is nice.