Nothing works without great Partnerships.

That’s why we brought the players together, and formed the Dream Team.


These days, Consumers want more data and value-add services at lower costs – or even free. With the expansion of Wi-Fi and decrease in Voice revenues, Telcos are feeling the heat. As SIM-only and pre-paid plans become more prevalent, ARPU will continue to decline. Innovation and Partnerships are the ticket to re-engage Consumers, build trust, and lift Telco revenues.


The integration of First-Screen Media into a Telco ecosystem builds Consumer loyalty via a clear, transparent, 2-way partnership. With CellBoard’s system of valued rewards, incentives and tailored content, churn rates, customer drop off, and SIM Card switching all decline. CellBoard is also optimized for Wi-Fi, allowing Telcos to monetize usage and decrease network load. These, in our opinion, are good things that make great business.

Content Creators (Brands, Publishers, Advertisers)

Entertain, educate, coach, and inspire – they create content that matters. They also sell products and services that match a Consumer’s specific sensibilities.

First-Screen Media provides 100% Share of Voice and is 100% Brand Safe – this ensures your message isn’t diluted nor missed. In other words, maximize engagement, monetization and ARPU.


Perhaps the quarterback of the team, they make the ultimate decisions on how they use their phones, and thus, who and how Telcos and Content Creators connect with them. To date, Consumer Acceptance and Engagement Rates score high (80% and 28% respectively, CenterCode User Test Results). This new way of doing things shows great promise.

Deals, discounts, or data, plus tailored content on the phone’s First-Screen.

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